Why Buy PWON?



The exponential value proposition of PWON Coins, created by the
2:1 split every time the price hits $0.20, offers a unique opportunity.

PWON coins differ from other coins because, when they reach $0.20 on the open market,
they split into two coins worth $0.10 each…
and this makes a BIG difference in the potential value of each coin as values increase.

For example, which would you prefer: Regular Coin Value or Value of PWON Coins?


Valuation: 1 PWON Coin = $0.10 USD
Which means just $1000 will get you 10,000 PWON coins!


As a true Utiltity Coin, all PWON used to participate on Personal Wager are purchased from the market,
which means that you can sell them at any time to an eager and waiting group of players.

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Its not Gambling,
Its Personal!

We do the work so you can play.

Personal Wager provides Scheduling, Escrow and Arbitration services to allow eSports/video game players to wager against each other safely and securely.

Players records are stored on the blockchain for transparency and providing
a way for amateur players to be discovered by the major teams.

By providing ONLY non-gaming services, Personal Wager is NOT classified as gambling.

Try it at www.PersonalWager.com
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Video Game Players
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Estimated Wagers (3 Yrs)
$0 Million
3 Year Earnings

What is an ICO+

We are leading a revolution in the Utility Coin based Crypto-Funding Industry with the ICO+.

A typical ICO is based upon investors buying Coins in the project, with the hope that the value of the coins goes up and they can sell them later at a profit.

The problems with the vanilla ICO model are:

  • Liquidity – There may not be a market to sell your coins at any point in the future.
  • Coin Value – There is no profit share/dividend mechanism to provide any profit to coinholders.
  • Lack of Market Makers – Coin value of existing ICOs is like throwing seeds onto the ground and hoping something grows. Without nurturing, not much grows.
  • Failure – There may not be a completed product/service at the end of the funds.

Building on the expertise of Mr. Niessen and experience gained in creating and operating the Startup Stock Exchange,
Personal Wager has created a new type of ICO, called the ICO+ which addresses the issues above without becoming an STO (Security Token Offering).

The ICO+ provides solutions to those problems:


PWON coins are the only way for Personal Wager users to make wagers, and they can ONLY be bought from the open market though existing exchanges.

Coin Value

PWON coins will automatically find their own value based on supply and demand, but in addition, every time the coin hits a pre-determined value, it will be forward split, providing more PWON at a lower value per coin.

Market Maker

Personal Wager will enlist a market maker to ensure liquidity and fair coin value. While the base price of the coins is equivalent to US$0.10, each time the coins reach US$0.20, they will split 2:1, providing exponential growth potential.


Personal Wager is already completed and proven in worldwide BETA tests.

Our Advantages

We are at the leading edge of the P2P eSports industry.

Innovative Solution

Personal Wager has developed a solution to allow ANY player to wager against another player, on ANY game, ANYwhere in the world.

Trustless Platform

No one part owns or controls the players' data ensuring there is complete transparency and trust for all players' report cards.

1st Mover Advantage

Personal Wager has the first mover advantage on a solution addressing a problem with
the fastest-growing industry
ever seen on this planet.

Amazing Team

Personal Wager has a team of highly-motivated industry experts in Gaming, Wagering, Payment Systems, Cryptocurrencies and Large-Scale I.T. systems.


Wagering between two persons based on their own skill is legal in many jurisdictions, including all but 11 U.S. States.

Unlimited Market

The world and beyond is our market by allowing players ANYwhere to play ANY game at ANY time with ANYone else with ease and trust.

Project Timeline

Coin Distribution

Unlike other ICOs where the tokens are distributed to the Team, Airdrops, Advisors, Referrals, etc, the PWON Coins are 100% allocated to purchasing player's accounts, thus ensuring liquidity into any other crypto or fiat currencies on day one of operations, managed by the PWON Market Maker.

  • Ticker Symbol: PWON
  • Token Standard: Etherum (ERC20)
  • Total Coins: 1 Billion
  • Base Price: 1 PWON = US $0.10
  • Soft cap: $250,000
  • Hard cap: $2,500,000
  • February 2012 Concept Sketched Out
  • March 2012 Mark I Development Started.
  • October 2012 Mark I Version Released, Testing Began.
  • Feb 2013 Testing Completed, Results Reviewed.
  • April 2013 Mark II Version Development Started.
  • October 2013 Mark II Version Released, Testing Began.
  • January 2014 Founder Begins Startup Stock Exchange Project.
    Personal Wager on Hiatus.
  • May 2017 Review of Industry. Personal Wager still too early.
    Crypto infrastructure not in place yet.
  • January 2019 The World is Ready! Founder Exits Startup Stock Exchange.
    ICO+ Preparations Began.
  • September 1, 2019 ICO+ Presale Began.
  • November 1, 2019 ICO+ Pre-Sale Ends.
    ICO+ Begins.
  • December 31, 2019 ICO+ Ends.
    Personal Wager Operations Begin.


Future Exchanges

Personal Wager is in application with the following exchanges to list the PWON coin.




Management Team

The people who make it all happen.

Brian R. Niessen

Founder, CEO

International Entrepreneur in the Finance and Charity Gaming Sectors. Started a Lottery in '94 and Stock Exchange in '11. Personal Wager is next...

Known as a grandfather in the video game industry, during 1982-1995, Brian was the founder of a software company that produced video games for the Commodore VIC‐20 and Commodore C=64. The video games he and his team developed or licensed were sold in stores like K‐Mart across the USA and Canada.

His next project was providing specialized software to the majority of the video game companies such as Electronic Arts.

Since beginning in the gaming sector, he never strayed far from it and he became head of operations of Televizni Bingo in Prague during 1994‐ 1996, a position which included all ticket design, game implementation, technologies, accounting, and legal, generating $84 million in sales in a year and half.

From 1996‐2011 Brian worked in the Internet Gambling area, specializing in game logic, payment systems, forensics and operations.

From 2012‐2016, Mr. Niessen was the CTO, Chairman and co‐Founder of the World’s First Online Stock Exchange dedicated to Startup Companies located at www.Startup.sx

His responsibility was 100% of design, development, implementation and operations of the technical systems for online Brokerage, Applications, Underwriting, KYC, AML, and Trading as well as holding a Broker’s License, Mutual Fund Manager License, and Underwriters License. As of April 2016, Mr. Niessen exited the Startup Stock Exchange to concentrate 100% to bring all of this expertise with him to Personal Wager.

Under Mr. Niessen’s leadership, his team of world‐class gaming and gambling experts, including part of the original Pong / Space‐Invaders / PacMan / DigDug marketing and operations team, is poised and ready to turn on the engine and become the world leader in the area of eSports one‐on‐one, team‐on‐team, AI vs AI, and AI vs human wagering.

Greg Wahl


Gregory A. Wahl, C.P.A, is the Managing Partner of Anton & Chia, LLP, a PCAOB registered accounting firm that focuses on taking companies in the small to middle market public.

He has also started a Hong Kong based consulting firm, NorAsia Consulting and Advisory, that focuses on his expertise in managing the financial reporting process for public and private companies, and making introductions to various advisors that will raise capital.


Chris Webster


Mr. Webster was General Manager of a “top ten” online entertainment company operating Casinos, Bingos, and Poker sites.

He was also director of International Sales for Wire Card, a leading technology provider and service provider for electronic payment processing and integrated risk-management.

This will be the third cooperation between the founder, Mr. Niessen and Mr. Webster.

Simon Shaw


As Chief Revenue Officer, Mr. Shaw is responsible for all revenue generation processes in an organization.

Mr. Shaw business experiences include banking, international shipping, office systems, R&D, Trust management, International Corporation creation and management and consulting to companies in a myriad of industries. He has conducted business in Asia, Europe and North and Central America, which has provided him with a global perspective, a multicultural understanding and the ability to negotiate and conduct business in cross-cultural environments.


Marketing Team

Without marketing, nobody knows you are there.

Victor Bigio

Director of Marketing

Victor provides marketing and promotional expertise for I‐Gaming strategies including legislative and regulatory analysis for U.S. gaming, market research and competitive analysis of the free money, virtual currency and real money gaming spaces. He has also previously overseen all marketing initiatives for the first Government regulated Internet Gaming network, comprised of several of the Canadian Provincial Lotteries.


Tony Kazyumba

Africa Partner Relationships

Tony Kazyumba is a dynamic entrepreneur with strong operation skills in various businesses ‐ specifically gaming and gambling and a deep knowledge of the African Market.


Richard Matucha

Marketing: Central Europe

Richard is a gamer turned businessman located in Prague, Czech Republic.

He is the owner of BohemiaData cz which is engaged to represent Personal Wager in Central Europe.

Rob Stewart

Marketing: B2B Partnerships

Mr. Stewart is a well‐traveled individual versed in many different fields. After university, Mr. Stewart began his career in business and undertook various roles with different organizations throughout North America in the Law Enforcement Field, Health Food Industry, Construction Industry, Real Estate Development, and the Home Health Care sector.

Promotion, marketing and sales have always been the main focus of Rob’s various projects, each with a very specific target market in mind. Rob networks online and at global trade shows and conferences while searching for new business opportunities. His ability to seek out growth partners and form joint ventures is unique.

Alban Rhys Bartley‐Jones:

Marketing: U.K.

With over a decade of marketing experience, Alban has worked across the UK, Caribbean, Netherlands and United States with a range of clients. His specialty is in digital marketing, including PPC, SEO development and social media marketing.

Working with a range of clients and services, such as hotels, night clubs, banks and restaurants all the way through to home name brands such as Coca Cola and Lays (Walkers).

Alban has also been apart of the competitive gamer generation, having grown up with and been a semi‐competitive team death match top 2000 player for Call of Duty.

Affiliate Team

Personal Wager helps players earn money with our expert affiliate team.

Gian Perroni

Affiliate Marketing: B2C

Gian is an extensively experienced gaming professional who has been active in both the online and land‐based gaming industry for more than 20 years. He has provided services to clients throughout the United States, the UK, Costa Rica, Malta, Austria, Ireland and numerous other locations. Gian has traveled extensively throughout the gaming world, speaking at numerous gaming conferences and summits, as well as promoting the products and services of his clients.


Jon Miller

Affiliate Marketing:C2C

Jon has 35+ years experience as a Business Development Consultant, specializing in strategic planning, market creation, and vision implementation. Technically proficient, he designs, hosts and manages more than 200 Internet marketing sites, adding value in industries as diverse as Computer Sales & Service, Latin‐American Consulting, Real Estate Development, Networking and Tourism.


Technical Team

These are the people who built and maintain the technology that powers Personal Wager.

Jan Němec


Mr. Němec has spent his career in an international environment around mobile communication, payment and government program services. His main focus of the last ten years was around mobile financial services, enabling the key industry players around the world to access money using mobile devices. He played key roles in the teams that introduced the first multi-banking application in the mobile phone, the first contactless payment application in mobile and the first solutions allowing issuance of payment cards in the mobile area.


Alex Contes

Lead Developer: Personal Wager and iOS

Alex is not solely technical person, but he is a game player as well. His interest in PersonalWager.com was not only as a website developer, but as a businessman and user of the site as well.


Jaro (Jerry) Resovsky

Lead Developer: Blockchain and Android

Jerry also a game player and developer who sees the potential in the Player to Player and the AI to AI version.


Our Advisors

Nobody knows everything. Our advisors assist us with knowledge we do not have.

Ben Jordan

Advisor: Player ID, Fraud Control, Payment Systems

Ben is a risk management professional who has extensive experience in both online gaming and financial sectors, including American Express and Lloyds TSB. He has over ten years experience in the gaming sector, working in Costa Rica, London, the Isle of Man and Malta.

Ben was Senior Security Manager for PokerStars responsible for the Risk and Fraud mitigation best practice within the online space. Currently based in Malta, he has a wide range of knowledge and experience within various areas of egaming.

Michael Wright

Advisor: Gaming

Mr. Wright has valuable executive experience in the amusement game industry. He has held executive level positions at Bally, Exidy, Taito, Atari and Simutrek and can be considered one of the grandfathers of the video game industry with his involvement in Pong, Pac Man, Space Invaders and Dig Dug.

Mike was Brian's "hero" as a child, and they became good friends when they worked together in Prague on the TV Bingo Lottery project.

Media Development PARTNER


Market MAKER


Our market maker to ensure liquidity and coin price protection.

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